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As a Clinical Nurse Educator, facilitating Bachelor and Diploma of Nursing Students from a variety of different universities and Tafe, I observed how a number of students really struggle with applying the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills gained at university and Tafe into the context of clinical nursing practice when on Clinical Placement.

Even though the University and Tafe provide support, some students require further development and training to get them to the required competency level.

It was hearing the following statements that made me realize that something had to be done.

  • I am anxious about my clinical placement because I don’t know what to expect?
  • I lack confidence when communicating with patients and staff?
  • I am terrified at the thought of having to do my OSCE?
  • I struggle with taking a BP and finding a pulse?
  • I am not confidant when listening to heart and lung sounds?

Our Vision

At Mayston Nurse Educator, we believe in providing quality strategic training to Bachelor of Nursing Students, Diploma of Nursing students and graduates, specifically tailored to meet individual needs and to build confidence and competency in a practical environment.

Our Mission

At Mayston Nurse Educator, our mission is to journey with you through mentoring strategy to build your confidence, and to enable you to bring your acquired academic knowledge and nursing competency into practice for a successful career in nursing.

Founder- CEO Annette Mayston

Registration No: NMW0001080395

Cert 1V in Training and Assessment