What Our Students Say

Annette was friendly, approachable and very supportive throughout the duration of my placement. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and always took the time to explain procedures, medications, etc. to me. She had a keen interest in ensuring this was a time of learning and not merely “working”. She is encouraging and always wants the students to expand their knowledge, and become not just nurses but great nurses. I feel she built a good rapport with the students and was very professional. A great Clinical Nurse Facilitator.

Shane Liyanage 3rd year Nursing Student
“I cannot speak highly enough of Annette as a clinical teacher. She truly is a trainer and mentor in the sense you couldn’t ask for better. I was very well supported on the ward with the perfect balance of critical and constructive suggestions and she’d always award great encouragement on reaching the planned goals. Annette always encourages and recognises effort.
Annette went to extra lengths to encourage and support me at entry point from training to securing employment. Two years on from my clinical experience with her, she remembered my face and made sure she wrote a quality and timely report – even amongst moving house and technical failures- which saw me into my dream job! So grateful to this vibrant and inspiring woman!”
Ruth Findlay Graduate RN, Frankston ED