A Clinical Nurse Educator is a registered professional nurse who has gained a high level of expertise in nursing


A Clinical Nurse Educator is a registered professional nurse with an advanced education, including advanced clinical and educational training coupled with many years of expertise in a healthcare specialty.

Nurse educators serve in a variety of roles that often range from nursing college dean to a clinical trainer for a medical device or pharmaceutical company. A combination of clinical expertise and a passion for teaching are two of the core skills that strengthen the nursing workforce while providing peer mentorship. These specialized skill sets help to set apart the nurse educator from the rest of the clinical team.

Many nurse educators design and evaluate academic and continuing education programs for nurses and clinical staff. These can include formal academic programs that lead to a degree or certificate, or more informal continuing education programs designed to meet individual learning needs.

In today’s diverse, ever-changing healthcare environment, nurse educators are often the leaders who redefine processes for a better work-flow, document the outcomes of educational programs and guide staff, students and patients through the learning process.